I have a huge passion for cooking and I love nothing more than a great cookbook. I made this web app so I could easily find the best, newest, and best selling cookbooks. The data is updated daily and new books and categories are added automatically. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to e-mail me

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Vegan Comfort Cooking: 75 Plant-Based Recipes to Satisfy Cravings and Warm Your Soul by Melanie McDonald

Vegan Comfort Cooking

by Melanie McDonald

The Happy Balance: The original plant-based approach for hormone health - 60 recipes to nourish body and mind by Megan Hallett, Nicole Jardim

The Happy Balance

by Megan Hallett, Nicole Jardim

Just Enough: Vegan Cooking and Stories from Japan's Buddhist Temples by Gesshin Claire Greenwood

Just Enough

by Gesshin Claire Greenwood

Raw Food: Fast, Fresh, Easy Vegan Food by Anat Fritz

Raw Food

by Anat Fritz

Gluten-Free Vegan Baking: 75 Classics and New Creations to Celebrate by Sara McGlothlin

Gluten-Free Vegan Baking

by Sara McGlothlin

Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive by Mareya Ibrahim

Eat Like You Give a Fork

by Mareya Ibrahim

Clean Desserts: No-Bake Vegan Cookies, Energy Bars, Power Balls, and More by Karielyn Tillman

Clean Desserts

by Karielyn Tillman

Show Up for Salad: 100 More Recipes for Salads, Dressings, and All the Fixins You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love by Terry Hope Romero

Show Up for Salad

by Terry Hope Romero

The Dairy-Free Kitchen: 100 Delicious Recipes Without Lactose, Casein, or Dairy by Ashley Adams

The Dairy-Free Kitchen

by Ashley Adams

The Halloumi Cookbook by Heather Thomas

The Halloumi Cookbook

by Heather Thomas

Instant Pot® Vegetarian Cookbook: Fast and Healthy Recipes for Your Favorite Electric Pressure Cooker by Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

Instant Pot® Vegetarian Cookbook

by Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments: A Step-by-Step Guide to Fermenting Grains and Beans for Umami and Health by Kirsten K. Shockey, Christopher Shockey

Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments

by Kirsten K. Shockey, Christopher Shockey

Veganissimo by Angélique Roussel


by Angélique Roussel

Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary Plant-based Ayurvedic Cookbook by Sahara Rose Ketabi

Eat Feel Fresh

by Sahara Rose Ketabi

MOB Veggie: Feed 4 or more for under £10 by Ben Lebus

MOB Veggie

by Ben Lebus

Be the Best You: Meditations and Recipes for a Well-Lived Life (Eat With Intention) by Cassandra Bodzak

Be the Best You

by Cassandra Bodzak

Epic Vegan: Wild and Over-the-Top Plant-Based Recipes by Dustin Harder

Epic Vegan

by Dustin Harder

Fermentation: How To Make Your Own Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Brine Pickles, Kefir, Kombucha, Vegan Dairy, And More by Asa Simonsson


by Asa Simonsson

The Anti-Anxiety Cookbook: Calming Plant-Based Recipes to Combat Chronic Anxiety by Jennifer Browne

The Anti-Anxiety Cookbook

by Jennifer Browne

Eat More Plants by Molly Krebs

Eat More Plants

by Molly Krebs

Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone by Jamie Oliver


by Jamie Oliver

East: 120 Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing by Meera Sodha


by Meera Sodha

Eat More Plants: Over 100 Anti-Inflammatory, Plant-Based Recipes for Vibrant Living by Desiree Nielsen

Eat More Plants

by Desiree Nielsen

Coconut Lagoon: Recipes from a South Indian Kitchen by Joe Thottungal

Coconut Lagoon

by Joe Thottungal

wagamama Feed Your Soul: 100 Japanese-inspired Bowls of Goodness by Steven Mangleshot

wagamama Feed Your Soul

by Steven Mangleshot

The Meat Free Monday Cookbook by Paul McCartney, Mary McCartney, Stella McCartney

The Meat Free Monday Cookbook

by Paul McCartney, Mary McCartney, Stella McCartney

Umami Bomb: 75 Vegetarian Recipes That Explode with Flavor by Raquel Pelzel

Umami Bomb

by Raquel Pelzel

Donal's Meal in Minutes: 90 Suppers from Scratch, 15 Minutes Prep by Donal Skehan

Donal's Meal in Minutes

by Donal Skehan

The delicious book of dhal: Comforting vegan & vegetarian recipes made with lentils, legumes, peas & beans by Nitisha Patel

The delicious book of dhal

by Nitisha Patel

The Forest Feast Travels: Simple Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean by Erin Gleeson

The Forest Feast Travels

by Erin Gleeson

Buddha Bowls: Grain + Green + Protein by Hannah Pemberton

Buddha Bowls

by Hannah Pemberton

The Shared Table: Vegetarian feasts for family and friends by Clare Scrine

The Shared Table

by Clare Scrine

Sweet + Salty: The Art of Vegan Chocolates, Truffles, Caramels, and More from Lagusta's Luscious by Lagusta Yearwood

Sweet + Salty

by Lagusta Yearwood

5-Ingredient Vegan: 175 Simple, Plant-Based Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Meals in Minutes by Nava Atlas

5-Ingredient Vegan

by Nava Atlas

Fraiche Food, Full Hearts: A Collection of Recipes for Every Day and Casual Celebrations by Jillian Harris, Tori Wesszer

Fraiche Food, Full Hearts

by Jillian Harris, Tori Wesszer

Korean Soul Food: Authentic dishes and modern twists by Judy Joo

Korean Soul Food

by Judy Joo

Lush: A Season-by-Season Celebration of Craft Beer and Produce by Jacquelyn Dodd


by Jacquelyn Dodd

Lands of the Curry Leaf: A Vegetarian Food Journey from Sri Lanka to Nepal by Peter Kuruvita

Lands of the Curry Leaf

by Peter Kuruvita

Japanese Pickled Vegetables: 130 Homestyle Recipes for Brined and Fermented Pickles, Relishes and Chutneys by Machiko Tateno

Japanese Pickled Vegetables

by Machiko Tateno

The Moon Juice Manual: An Adaptogenic Cookbook by Amanda Chantal Bacon

The Moon Juice Manual

by Amanda Chantal Bacon

Food: What the Heck Should I Cook?: More than 100 delicious recipes--pegan, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more--for lifelong health by Mark Hyman


by Mark Hyman

Curry Guy Veggie: Over 100 Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Classics and New Dishes to Make at Home by Dan Toombs

Curry Guy Veggie

by Dan Toombs

Power Spicing: 80 Simple Recipes for Well-Seasoned Meals and a Healthy Body by Rachel Beller

Power Spicing

by Rachel Beller