I have a huge passion for cooking and I love nothing more than a great cookbook. I made this web app so I could easily find the best, newest, and best selling cookbooks. The data is updated daily and new books and categories are added automatically. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to e-mail me

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Khazana: A Treasure Trove of Indo-Persian Recipes Inspired by the Mughals by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed


by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

A Blissful Feast: Culintary Adventures in Italy's Piedmont, Maremma, and Le Marche by Teresa Lust

A Blissful Feast

by Teresa Lust

The Planter of Modern Life: Louis Bromfield and the Seeds of a Food Revolution by Stephen Heyman

The Planter of Modern Life

by Stephen Heyman

The Restaurant: A 2,000-Year History of Dining Out by William Sitwell

The Restaurant

by William Sitwell

How to Feed a Dictator: Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Enver Hoxha, Fidel Castro, and Pol Pot Through the Eyes of Their Cooks by Witold Szablowski

How to Feed a Dictator

by Witold Szablowski

A Field Guide to Cheese: How to Select, Enjoy, and Pair the World's Best Cheeses by Tristan Sicard

A Field Guide to Cheese

by Tristan Sicard

The Sultan's Feast: A Fifteenth-Century Egyptian Cookbook by Ibn Mubarak Shah

The Sultan's Feast

by Ibn Mubarak Shah

Wine, Unfiltered: Buying, Drinking, and Sharing Natural Wine by Katherine Clary

Wine, Unfiltered

by Katherine Clary

Northern Harvest: Twenty Michigan Women in Food and Farming (Painted Turtle) by Emita Brady Hill

Northern Harvest

by Emita Brady Hill

Outlander Kitchen: To the New World and Back Again: The Second Official Outlander Companion Cookbook by Theresa Carle-Sanders

Outlander Kitchen

by Theresa Carle-Sanders

The Japanese Sake Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Great Sake - With Tasting Notes and Scores for 100 Top Brands by Brian Ashcraft

The Japanese Sake Bible

by Brian Ashcraft