I have a huge passion for cooking and I love nothing more than a great cookbook. I made this web app so I could easily find the best, newest, and best selling cookbooks. The data is updated daily and new books and categories are added automatically. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to e-mail me

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The Fish Book: How to choose, prepare and cook fresh fish and seafood by Paul Peacock

The Fish Book

by Paul Peacock

Oil and Vinegar: Explore the endless uses for these vibrant seasonings in over 75 delicious recipes by Ursula Ferrigno

Oil and Vinegar

by Ursula Ferrigno

Pescan: A Feel Good Cookbook by Abbie Cornish, Jacqueline King Schiller


by Abbie Cornish, Jacqueline King Schiller

Vegetarian Sushi Secrets: 101 Healthy and Delicious Recipes by Marisa Baggett

Vegetarian Sushi Secrets

by Marisa Baggett

Fish: The Lake-to-Kitchen Cookbook by Jon Wipfli


by Jon Wipfli

Sushi Master: An expert guide to sourcing, making and enjoying sushi at home by Nick Sakagami

Sushi Master

by Nick Sakagami